The Aero is innovative thanks to its 3-tooth tip design which gives the best quick and easy screwing. Its thin wall design reduces the weight considerably, the steel tip and tube maintains high durability of the threads. Its largest diameter body allows to use securely existing holes when there is no other option. Colors-coding easily indicates the length of the screw. Its features and design make it the ideal ice screw for the most technical routes where performance, durability and lightness are key.

Technical information

• Material: Chromoly steel, Aluminum
• Color-coated knob and hanger to easily identify screw lengths
RED (10cm-76g)
GOLD (13cm-90g)
BLUE (16cm-100g)
GREY (19cm - 111g)
GREEN (22cm-121g)
• Sold with Teeth protective cap. Replacement caps available to buy
• Foldable stainless steel wire crank
• Highly textured crank knob for secure handling
• Certifications: CE EN 568, UIAA 151.
• PPE: return not allowed

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Simon Steinberger
Next generation ice screws

I've compared all the high end ice screws. Petzl Laser Speed and - light version and standard - are awesome. But the all steel Aero ice screws by Blue Ice are on a totally new level!! It's the first ice screw ever on which I have nothing that I would like to have improved. They are robust, rack perfectly, bite exceptionally fast, don't crack a lot of ice when it's brittle and cold, the ice core dump out easily. They are PERFECT! Thank you, Blue Ice!

Ludovic Reynaud Sadkowski
Broche de qualité

Broche de très bonne qualité belles finitions

Edoardo Montorsi

Aero Ice Screw

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